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OASIS : TIME FLIES…. 1994-2009 (3CD + DVD)

Sello: Sony Music – 88697722662, Big Brother Recordings Ltd. – 88697722662
3 x CD, Compilation
DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Compilation, Copy Protected, Dolby Digital 2.0
Cofre, Limited Edition
País: Europe
Publicado: 14 jun 2010
Género: Rock
Estilo: Rock & RollIndie RockBritpop


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CD1-01 Supersonic

CD1-02 Roll With It 3:59
CD1-03 Live Forever 4:36
CD1-04 Wonderwall 4:19
CD1-05 Stop Crying Your Heart Out 5:02
CD1-06 Cigarettes & Alcohol 4:51
CD1-07 Songbird

CD1-08 Don’t Look Back In Anger 4:50
CD1-09 The Hindu Times 3:52
CD1-10 Stand By Me 5:59
CD1-11 Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

CD1-12 Shakermaker 5:10
CD1-13 All Around The World 9:41
CD2-01 Some Might Say 5:29
CD2-02 The Importance Of Being Idle 3:42
CD2-03 D’You Know What I Mean? 7:44
CD2-04 Lyla

CD2-05 Let There Be Love 5:26
CD2-06 Go Let It Out 4:38
CD2-07 Who Feels Love? 5:44
CD2-08 Little By Little 4:53
CD2-09 The Shock Of The Lightning 5:04
CD2-10 She Is Love 3:13
CD2-11 Whatever 6:20
CD2-12 I’m Outta Time

CD2-13 A Falling Down 11:40
CD2-13 B Sunday Morning Call
iTunes Live : London Festival Live at The Roundhouse, London – 21st July 2009
CD3-01 Rock ‘N’ Roll Star 5:26
CD3-02 Lyla 4:56
CD3-03 Shock Of The Lightning 5:00
CD3-04 Cigarettes & Alcohol 4:12
CD3-05 Roll With It 3:47
CD3-06 The Masterplan 4:52
CD3-07 Songbird 2:12
CD3-08 Slide Away 6:02
CD3-09 Morning Glory 4:46
CD3-10 Half The World Away 4:00
CD3-11 I’m Outta Time 4:20
CD3-12 Wonderwall 4:09
CD3-13 Supersonic 5:00
CD3-14 Live Forever 5:16
CD3-15 Don’t Look Back In Anger 5:04
CD3-16 Champagne Supernova 7:19
DVD-01 Supersonic
DVD-02 Supersonic (US Version)
DVD-03 Shakermaker
DVD-04 Live Forever
DVD-05 Live Forever (US Version)
DVD-06 Cigarettes & Alcohol
DVD-07 Whatever
DVD-08 Some Might Say
DVD-09 Roll With It
DVD-10 Wonderwall
DVD-11 Don’t Look Back In Anger
DVD-12 D’You Know What I Mean?
DVD-13 Stand By Me
DVD-14 All Around The World
DVD-15 Go Let It Out
DVD-16 Who Feels Love?
DVD-17 Sunday Morning Call
DVD-18 The Hindu Times
DVD-19 Stop Crying Your Heart Out
DVD-20 Little By Little
DVD-21 Songbird
DVD-22 Lyla
DVD-23 The Importance Of Being Idle
DVD-24 Let There Be Love
DVD-25 Lord Don’t Slow Me Down
DVD-26 The Shock Of The Lightning
DVD-27 I’m Outta Time
DVD-28 Falling Down
DVD-29 Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
DVD-30 Morning Glory
DVD-31 Champagne Supernova
DVD-32 Acquiesce (Live)
DVD-33 Don’t Go Away
DVD-34 Where Did It All Go Wrong?
DVD-35 Gas Panic! (Live)
DVD-36 Little By Little (Live)
DVD-37 The Masterplan
DVD-38 Acquiesce

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