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Sello: Enjoy The Toons Records – ETT021
Vinilo, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Special Edition, Stereo, Nick Swirl with Slime Green Splatter (Limited to 500)
País: US
Publicado: 2023
Género: JazzStage & Screen
Estilo: Soundtrack


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A1 Theme 98 0:47
A2 Ice Me Down 0:54
A3 Idea Montage 0:33
A4 The A Game 0:39
A5 Home Wit Jerome 0:55
A6 Chalk On The Wall 1:16
A7 Wyze Gyze 0:50
A8 Phil Steps Out (Grandpa’s Theme) 0:58
A9 The Weather Channel 1:12
A10 Harold’s Boogie 1:25
A11 Janked 1:21
A12 Checkmate 0:53
A13 A Crazy Night 1:20
A14 Invisible Hippo 1:47
A15 Parents Day 1:37
A16 Helga’s Love Theme 0:49
A17 Groove Remote 1:30
A18 Stompin’ (End Credits) 1:51
B1 You Crazy Cat 0:30
B2 Pop Daddy Remix 0:48
B3 Smashed 1:00
B4 Slippage 0:48
B5 Rats 1:37
B6 Salt! Salt! 0:45
B7 Arnold Habanera 0:43
B8 Curlamillo 1:08
B9 Ride Of BrunHelga 1:48
B10 Hip Hopera 0:43
B11 The Simple Things 1:24
B12 In Da House 0:15
B13 My Last Bow 1:17
B14 Old Tomorrow 1:32
B15 I Will Prevail 0:46
B16 I’ll Hit Me! 0:49
B17 The Engineer’s Song 1:28
B18 Better Not Touch My Gal 0:31
B19 Eugene! Eugene! 0:45
B20 Nice Guys Finish Last 0:48
B21 When Life Gives You Lemons, Dance! 0:48

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