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2 LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Gold Transparent [Desert Sand]
Music on Vinyl

El precio original era: $31.900.El precio actual es: $25.520.

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A1 The Jumanji Suite 3:18
A2 Hanging Out 1:10
A3 Going Solo 1:26
A4 The Reluctant Adventurers 1:57
A5 Who’s Who? 2:37
A6 The Tale Of Jurgen The Brutal 1:47
A7 The Quest Begins 0:48
A8 A Whole New World 2:37
B1 Flightless Fury 2:57
B2 The Oasis 1:35
B3 A Flame From The Past 1:40
B4 An Unexpected Friend 2:44
B5 The Jumanji Berry Tree 2:53
B6 New Powers 1:23
B7 We Need Camels 1:05
B8 Ancient Feud 1:14
C1 A Perilous Crossing 1:34
C2 Attack Of The Mandrills 5:03
C3 Olive Branch 2:16
C4 Captured 1:02
C5 Castle Infiltration 1:19
C6 Cliffhanger 1:36
C7 Multiplayer 1:49
D1 Arranged Marriage 3:11
D2 Chaos At The Palace 1:22
D3 Bravestone To The Rescue 1:22
D4 The Battle Of The Zeppelin 2:07
D5 Beyond The Clouds 2:15
D6 A Fond Farewell 3:38
D7 Home At Last 1:42

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