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Cliff MartinezNeon Demon3:22
Sweet TempestMine3:42
Julian WindingDemon Dance5:59
Cliff MartinezWhat Are You?1:39
Cliff MartinezDon’t Forget Me When You’re Famous1:33
Cliff MartinezGold Paint Shoot2:50
Cliff MartinezTake Off Your Shoes1:43
Cliff MartinezRuby At The Morgue1:50
Cliff MartinezJesse Sneaks Into Her Room2:00
Cliff MartinezReal Lolita Rides Again2:47
Cliff MartinezMessenger Walks Among Us6:12
Cliff MartinezRunway4:30
Cliff MartinezTake Her To Measurements0:55
Cliff MartinezWho Wants Sour Milk1:09
Cliff MartinezI Would Never Say You’re Fat2:20
Cliff MartinezThank God You’re Awake Remix2:19
Cliff MartinezKinky4:17
Cliff MartinezRuby’s Close Up2:02
Cliff MartinezLipstick Drawing2:33
Cliff MartinezSomething’s In My Room2:52
Cliff MartinezAre We Having A Party5:21
Cliff MartinezGet Her Out Of Me3:50
SiaWaving Goodbye3:57


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